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AxessHealth is the only free connected medical networking platform in Africa. Join, connect, and engage with medical professionals across the African continent.

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One free platform, all the latest medical news, and information, tailored to you.

  • Enter your email address and create a password.
  • Provide your details.
  • You will receive a 'verification code' email in your inbox. Don't forget to check your 'junk email' and confirm that you trust emails from AxessHealth.
  • Tailor content to your specialty.
  • You will receive a 'registration confirmed' email in your inbox.
  • Your registration will be confirmed by email within 24hrs.
  • Click the 'continue onboarding with AxessHealth' button in the email.
  • Add your 'Primary field of interest' and 'Secondary field of interest'
  • Personalise your profile.

Tailor content

Personalised content based on your primary specialty, ancillary interest areas, and geographic location. Don't waste time wading through content that’s not relevant to you.

Post content

Ability to post your own content, and engage with other users/system content. The AxessHealth network is exclusively for healthcare professionals, where high-level discussions can be had.

  • Visit your profile
  • Create a post at the top of the page
  • Select if you'd like to share publicly or just your network
  • Choose if you'd like to add a picture, link, video, or file
  • Click 'post'
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Free registration to be part of Africa's fastest-growing HCP network.


Build a network of contacts, companies, associations and more.


Like, share, comment, save and collaborate.


Start connecting

Ability to connect with peers, follow opinion leaders, interact with platform content and generate your own content.

  • Search for individuals in the top search bar
  • Visit their profile and click 'connect' under their photo
  • Alternatively, click 'AxessConnect' in the top navigation and use the left panel to manage your network:
    • Connections
    • People I follow
    • My Followers
    • Pages

Messaging & Groups

Follow, connect and engage with peers - discuss cases for better diagnosis outcomes, open discussion to find solutions to issues affecting all HCPs.

  • Click 'Messages' in the top navigation
  • Select the writing icon at the top of the left panel
  • Enter one or multiple people to start messaging
  • Write your message and choose whether to add a picture or file
  • Click 'send'
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