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Supporting partners with HCP marketing 

Look out for our free resources to support our partners with healthcare marketing and digital marketing in the healthcare industry.

You can also use our platform to:

Build brand awareness: Create a company profile and manage posts and articles to drive company positioning.

Achieve effective marketing: Free organic exposure to promote products and services to HCPs and other industry buyers e.g. hospitals, government, and more.

Targeted exposure: Advertising and sponsored content targeted to an HCP's primary specialty, ancillary interest areas, and geographic location.

HCP sentiment data: Gain insights into HCP behaviour around content consumption, trending topics, and platform usage.

AxessHealth Company Page

How to Boost Your Association's Membership Acquisition and Retention

Read Warren Hicknbotham's (AxessHealth Founder & Global CEO) article covering:

- Value of Association Membership
- Importance of Activity and Effective Communication
- Power of Presence: How to Be Seen and Make an Impression
- Benefits of Partnerships: Why Collaboration is Key

Create a company profile and drive company positioning through posts and articles.

A premium company page, available on subscription, unlocks additional features that include:

  • Multiple office locations
  • A product directory
  • Dedicated branded banners
  • Unlimited hashtags to ensure exposure in all of the business categories within which you operate
  • Multiple admins for ease of control
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Subscription service

Keep up-to-date with HCP sentiment with data-driven analysis and expert insights.

  • Subscribe to AxessInsights for real-time data and analysis on HCP marketplace.
  • Sign in to the platform and filter data by geographic location and discipline.
  • Analyse data to gain insights into HCP behaviour around content consumption, trending topics, and platform usage.
  • Export reports for use in company presentations, to guide marketing decisions and increase sales.


Enhance exposure

Advertise with us

We offer a wide range of exposure opportunities across:

  • In-platform banner placements
  • Promoted feature articles
  • Premium company pages
  • Content partnerships
  • Promotion within newsletters

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